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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the EVITP acronym stand for?

EVITP = Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program

What is the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP)?

EVITP is a brand neutral, volunteer based, non-profit organization that trains electricians in the electric vehicle infrastructure space in the United States and Canada. Training includes site assessment, load calculations, National Electric Code, jobsite safety, personal protection equipment, and other installation and maintenance best practices.

What are the qualifications required to take EVITP training?

To be eligible for EVITP, a participant must be a state licensed or certified electrician. If the participant works in a state that does not license or certify electricians, the participant must provide documentation of a minimum of 8,000 hours of hands-on electrical construction experience.

What is the process for accessing the online training class?

The first step is completing the training application on the EVITP website for your state. Once the application is submitted, EVITP will verify the information, which takes a few days. When validated, EVITP will send payment instructions to the email address on the application. After payment is successfully processed, access to the online training will be sent to the applicant. If you do not see a training access email within a few days, please check your spam folder.  To get started, the application can be found here.

When is the next EVITP exam? How is it accessed?

The EVITP certification exam is online. Within a short time after you successfully complete the EVITP online course, you will receive an email about the exam. This communication will provide instructions to set up your profile, check your computer to insure compatibility and give you testing protocol information.  Once your profile is set up, you may schedule your live proctored online exam. If you require the exam to be scheduled within a 24 hour window, there’s a small additional fee.  If you can schedule out further, beyond 24 hours, there’s no additional charge. Once again, if you do not see expected emails within a few days, please check your spam folder.

May I take the training if I’m the owner of an electrical contracting company?

That depends on which state you work in. In states where regulations allow the individual who personally holds the electrical contractor license to perform electrical work as an electrician, that license holder is eligible for EVITP. To be clear, EVITP eligibility applies only to the individual named on the electrical contractor license and does not apply to company management or staff.

(Electricians who work for the contractor may be eligible for EVITP training and certification if they meet the electrician qualifications noted above.)

How do I get my electrical contracting company listed on the EVITP website?

To have a company listed in the Find A Contractor section of the EVITP website, an employer must be a currently licensed electrical contractor in good standing, employ a state certified electrician who has successfully completed EVITP training and must execute and abide by the EVITP Approved contractor agreement.

Does EVITP Certify Contractors?

Please note that EVITP does not train or certify contractor/employers, only electricians. The EVITP-Approved contractors on the EVITP website are listed because they have signed a pledge to use EVITP Certified electricians on the job.

How do I confirm that a contractor is EVITP Approved, or an electrician is EVITP Certified?

To confirm a contractor is EVITP Approved, check the Find A Contractor feature on the EVITP website (
It is important to note that contractors listed on the EVITP website are EVITP Approved, not certified.
To confirm an electrician is EVITP Certified, use the Certification Check feature on the EVITP website.

When is the next EVITP training class?

The EVITP training class and curriculum is now available online in all 50 states. You may apply for online training here.

How long is the EVITP training?

The EVITP online class is 20 hours.

How much does the EVITP training cost?

The cost of training is $275.

Is the EVITP curriculum updated?

Yes. As the electric vehicle industry continues to grow and evolve, the EVITP curriculum is regularly updated to include new technology, products, best practices, and industry norms. The current curriculum, EVITP 4.0, includes DC fast chargers, inductive charging equipment, liquid-cooled conductors, vehicle-to-grid applications and other installation and maintenance best practices.

May I receive a copy of the EVITP curriculum?

The EVITP curriculum is proprietary. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution or utilization of any EVITP content, graphics, or testing materials is strictly prohibited.

May I audit the class?

Unfortunately, due to high demand, the training class is strictly reserved for qualified electricians.

Is EVITP eligible for continuing education credits?

It is up to each state to determine whether an applicant is granted CEU credits, and state rules can change. That said, EVITP-Certified electricians may receive CEU credits if they apply for them to the state, and include a copy of their EVITP certification. The course is 20 hours.

How do I take the test after I complete the training?

After completion of the EVITP training, you will received a welcome email from our third party testing company. The email provides instructions to set up your profile, test your computer with the platform and schedule your exam.